Why we shouldn’t give up on supporting Orphanages

Voluntourism and it’s support for Orphanages has been under fire in the press lately. In a lot of instances this is righty so as the impact of these short term visits and how the operations are run can be highly negative.

What we can’t let happen however is that people with the right hearts and who run genuine orphanages suffer due to those who take advantage.

As with all our projects research is the key and our support goes to one of these wonderful places just outside Siem Reap. The children here all attend state schools and much of the funds to support it come from local tour leaders donations. Our new Art Project allows for a more creative, extra curriculum class for not just those who live here but also children from local villages to be able to join.

As with everything we do, the focus is on developing skills and nurturing talent to allow for brighter future which is truly self reliant.

This short video gives an overview of one of our more recent projects but you you can learn more about our projects here or we have answered many of the more frequently asked questions here.

One of our travellers, Jenny, had this to say of her time in the village:

“This was the second time I had been to Cambodia, but the first time that I realized how different this trip was going to be. We were away from the tourist areas, we were having real conversations with the every-day people of this country and were able to connect on a much deeper level. While it was very hard to leave the kids to continue our journey, I’m glad to have had the experience and know they are in a safe and healthy environment. I also plan to stay in touch with Jackson and help to sell the paintings to make sure the center stays funded.”

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