Discover Hands on Journeys through the eyes of our Travellers

Call us biased if you will, but at Hands on Journeys we truly believe that Empowerment Tourism is the way forward.

Luckily, we have a growing tribe of travellers who believe in our mission too. Let’s take a look at their Hands on Journeys moments….

Jen Hands on Journeys

Jen exploring the Hawa Mahal in India

Meet Jen, the social girl with a twist…

‘Everyone always assumes I call myself the social girl traveller because of social media – which is not the case. I believe in doing social good, and that is what I try to capture’

Jen joined us in India and on top of the work we were already doing came fully armed with additional water filters from Waves for Water.

She took the time after the trip to write about her views on the Slums of India, which you can read here – if you are a bit more visual you are in luck as Jen took a short video diary of her time exploring the sights and giving back which is also well worth checking out here.


Dan Cambodia

Dan sharing his passion for photography and people in Siem Reap

Say Hi to Dan, our photographer…

‘A photo should tell a story, and the strength and beauty of the people we visit is the most stunning and photogenic thing to me. A smile can truly change your day.’

Dan, are in-house photographer has been on both our Vietnam/Cambodia tour and joined us in India. He recently shared his best tips on capturing better photos with us.

As well as being a photographer, he also shares the stories of the people he meets on the road through words. Discover some of the people he met with us from the strength of those affected by agent orange in Vietnam and a true business man in Cambodia who grafts hard even though tragedy has struck him.


Brooke Hands on Journeys

Brooke waving off the group before delivering water filters to the floating villages of Vietnam

Beautiful Brooke and her way with words…

Brooke joined us late last year to discover the magic of Vietnam and Cambodia. After spending nearly a year at sea sailing the world her feet truly came right back down to earth.

‘During our visit, what struck me most was the fire in their bellies and eagerness to take advantage of the small but valuable resources we’d provided. The spirited youngsters gave classes their undivided attention, concentrating through pressed lips and screwed up noses keen to impress us with their answers. The parents worked hard to prove their appreciation by shovelling and hauling rocks, sanding and hammering. They watched on and smiled at the infectious laughter of their children as we introduced them to games of leapfrog, limbo, statues and duck duck goose’ – Read more about Brookes time with us right here.

Luckily, as well as having a beautiful way with words Brooke knows how to use a video camera to capture the essence of a place and created this inspiring video (click here) of her time with us in the village.


Jeremy Hands on Journeys

Smiles all round when Jeremy is around

Jeremy, the travel freak discovering like a local…

‘We are a privileged bunch, we travelers. If we have both the freedom and the means to take even a week off and go travel, that puts us in a very small demographic of extremely lucky individuals. The problem is that people carry this privilege with them, and when visiting impoverished places like Southeast Asia, this imbalance becomes the figurative elephant in the room. It’s the thing that everybody knows but nobody wants to talk about.’

Jeremy is a seasoned traveller who likes to take his time and truly get under the skin of any destination. He also has some truly insightfully thoughts on the travel industry and runs a fantastic blog full of stories and tips from his travels on the road.

Read about how Jeremy found Empowering Tourism in Cambodia right here.


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